The Firm

Founded in Milan in 2004, and then in Paris in 2009, by the lawyer Ciro Perrelli, the Perrelli & Associes Law Firm is one of the most important French speaking law firms.  A young and dynamic firm of keen professionals who enhance the Firm with renewed skills which, together with enthusiasm and dedication, forge relationships of trust, becoming the ideal legal ally.

Most of the Firm’s clients are Italian and foreign companies, to which it offers complete legal assistance, following the entrepreneur in all the sectors of his business, applying the case law of the country concerned, both national and/or international, with special interest in the French speaking world.

The Firm offers its clientele specific advice and assistance in four macro areas, Corporate (the incorporation of companies, restructuring, due diligence investigations, mergers, take-overs, contracts, …) Litigation (tax, credit recovery, claims, disputes with public administrations and private entities, …) Family (separation, divorce, adoption, descent, succession, problems and requests relative to civil status, citizenship, …) Criminal matters (antitrust, financial offences, fraud, money laundering, corruption, …)

The Firm deals with cases in Italian, French or English.

The specific areas of competence are

The Firm also takes avail of a series of other legal and commercial firms abroad with which it has developed close relationships over the years of collaboration, thanks to which it can offer its clients international assistance.

The Firm’s mission coincides with “Understanding the real needs of the client without limiting itself to what the client requests”.