Corporate Law

The Firm gives legal assistance for the incorporation of sole proprietorship companies and joint stock companies, providing legal advice in advance on the most suitable kind of company to create, on the bases of the features of the business to be started up, with all the necessary support for the drafting of the preliminary deeds for the incorporation.
Together with this activity, it provides on-going advice for all the legal problems that can arise during the company’s business, from the stipulation of contracts, to the purchase and sale of companies or business units, examining all aspects and considering all effects of the solution under civil law and, especially, tax and labour law, to the constitution of capital for a specific purpose according to the most recent Italian legislation, to the transformation of a company from one kind to another, to liquidation and the procedures to protect the share capital, and to the winding up of the company.
Areas of particular interest for the Firm are defence within the judicial sphere, in the most varied disputes that can involve the company, from the pathology of agreements with suppliers and customers, to the so-called “internal” disputes, with particular attention to the solutions now available to resolve conflicts such as arbitrage, arbitration and mediation.
In this sphere, in particular, without excluding any and every possible action: the cases of the liability of directors and of the corporate bodies; appeals against resolutions and other corporate deeds, such as financial statements, in protection of minority shareholders; cases linked to a shareholder’s withdrawal or exclusion; voluntary legal cases connected to certain company deeds. Also in such cases adopting the most efficient action allowed, such as prior consultation in court, protection against enforced seizure or precautionary attachment, revocation of office and urgent provisions.
In practice, every professional activity in or out of court, connected to the creation, life and termination of a company, as can also be seen from the qualifications and experience of the Firm’s members in the field of contracts, labour law and bankruptcy law.